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Point of Banking helps my retail business remain profitable by eliminating the cost of bankcard processing fees!
Point of Banking helps
retail businesses remain profitable by eliminating
the cost of bankcard processing fees!
FREE Credit Card Processing for Retail Business and High Risk Merchant Service Providers - FREE Processing Services

Today's retail merchant faces continuous price increases for bankcard processing, resulting in yet another expense that reduces profitability.

Point of Banking terminals can be used to eliminate bankcard processing fees, and even gives merchants the opportunity to make money on each transaction making bankcard acceptance profitable!

This is accomplished through a small convenience fee that is charged to the cardholder for the convenience of using their bankcard.  Many merchants aren't aware that Point of Banking is available to them, but are now finding out and are keeping more of their own profits!

Features of the program include providing your customers the convenience of getting cash back at the point of sale, PIN based transactions that eliminate chargebacks, elimination of the need to batchout, easy terminal reports to simplify accounting, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about Point of Banking and how to enable your retail business with the ability to accept bankcards without paying expensive processing fees.

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